The Hummer Driving Simulator

The Hummer Is A Full Dedicated Commercial Coin Op Arcade Driving Game Perfect for Home Or Commercial Use.

It is one the best, most enjoyable and action packed Driving experiences you will ever have.

Totally imersive and witha huge adrennalin rush with Every Game!

It's perfect for your GAMES ROOM, BAR or MAN CAVE

Tons of racing and Off Road Areas to explore, City, Mountain, Cliff side Country, Jungle, Industrial and Ship yard. From unbelievable high speed racing to road rage action and jumps, Hummer has it all. 

Every Challenge is FULL ON with high adrennalin racing at breakneck speeds guarranteed with every game.

Drive on angles up cliff sides and through tunnels, smash through barriers and barrels, and drive off road through the Jungle and steel yards.

Use the special BONUS BOOST BUTTON when you have built up enough turbo points for even FASTER RUSHES

THE HUMMER is a Dedicated Full Featured Single Racing Arcade Machine.

Fully imported, Brand New and One Only, available for Immediate delivery. 

This Machine is Brand new with.........

-Amazing Graphics,

-Full  Force Feedback Steering Wheel (feel every bump, grind and crash),

Big BIG Flat Screen LCD TV with amazing High Definition Graphics that will impress everyone.

- Fully Decked Out with Dedicated Hummer Toppers (complete with off road wheels), Glow lights, Side surround features,

- Built In Seat Speakers and dedicated surrounds.

-This unit is a showstopper and features really diverse and ultra realistic tracks and scenarios for a lifetime of fun.

An absolute bargain at just $6995.

These units often sell for around 11000-15000 Dollars!

This will be your Games Room Stand Out Feature Piece.