Rockola Diner Wall Box Remote Jukebox Selector

 Rockola Genuine Diner Juke Box Remote Wall Box

Selector...Non Working Table Ornament

...Or is fully working if connected to a Rockola 1015CD8 Jukebox


This is  real Rockola Juke Box wall Box Selector remote unit. Model # C-70188-A / Software 1.52

We have aquired these from a USA Johnny Rockets Diner that closed Down.

They are a Remote selector that when wired up to a Rockola Juke box, can be fully working again, but make an amazing Table ornament.

This is not a stand alone jukebox, rather a remote devise (as all wall boxes were).

A Real Piece of Art they turn any table into a diner.

Made from heavy grade Chrome, it looks awesome.

You can change the selection cards, flip the cards and look at the classic titles on board.

Still has the Johnny Rockets label on the coin entry area.

The best ornament you will ever own, collectable and rare.

These would look great as a Feature Piece in your Kitchen, Bar Gamesroom, Lounge, Shop, Office or Bedroom.

A unique and Beautiful work of art,

This will be your pride and joy and the ultimate talking point for all your friends and family.

ONLY $ 890