Rockola Genuine Diner Juke Box Remote Wall Box

Selector...Non Working Table Ornament

...Or is fully working if connected to a Rockola 1015CD8 Jukebox


This is  real Rockola Juke Box wall Box Selector remote unit. Model # C-70188-A / Software 1.52

We have aquired these from a USA Johnny Rockets Diner that closed Down.

They are a Remote selector that when wired up to a Rockola Juke box, can be fully working again, but make an amazing Table ornament.

This is not a stand alone jukebox, rather a remote devise (as all wall boxes were).

A Real Piece of Art they turn any table into a diner.

Made from heavy grade Chrome, it looks awesome.

You can change the selection cards, flip the cards and look at the classic titles on board.

Still has the Johnny Rockets label on the coin entry area.

The best ornament you will ever own, collectable and rare.

These would look great as a Feature Piece in your Kitchen, Bar Gamesroom, Lounge, Shop, Office or Bedroom.

A unique and Beautiful work of art,

This will be your pride and joy and the ultimate talking point for all your friends and family.

ONLY $ 890



 This is a perfect way to dress up you diner table or booth table

with this great all in one condiments rack.

-Includes chrome rack to keep everything together.

-Glass Sugar dispenser

-Napkin dispenser

-Tomato sauce/Ketchup bottle

-Mustard bottle

-Glass Salt and Pepper shakers

-Fun retro Fifties Menu

-also has a holding space to add your own items(perhaps toothpicks or spoons)

All commercial grade quality with Glass, Chrome and Tablecraft product lettering on outside of the dispensers.

Buy one now for only $145 complete.........

or add an optional Glass Straw Dispenser for a total package price of $195.

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2.....Average prices inc GST for heavy commercial grade retro chairs will be around $250-400 each

3.....Average prices for a complete retro Dining / Kitchen Large Oval Table and Six Chair Setup will be around $3000-3500.

4. ...Average Prices for a Retro Commercial Grade Bar stool (dont even think of comparing these with cheap chinese import bar stools) will be $ 250-350

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7....Bar stools need to be 24" (60 cm) to fit under a Kitchen bench and 30" (75 cm) for Bars.

8....Booth sizes are 44" (113cm) long x 24" (60cm) wide. They are spring cushioned and commercial grade.

Booth Tables are generally 42" with retro laminate and alluminium edge banding. Bases are generally heavy grade Black Cast Iron with thick Chrome Pedestals. Most popular table laminates are Gloss white,Glacier, Red Glacier, Cracked Ice varieties, and Turquoise.