Large Full Sized 5 Foot Wurlitzer Style Jukebox Plays Everything

Large Full Sized 5 Foot Wurlitzer Style Jukebox Plays Everything


This Magnificent Jukebox Plays your classic Vinyl 33's 45's...even 78's!

Plus everything else SD Cards, USB Sticks for thousands of songs, MP3 And Bluetooth. Just hook up your phone or if a friend comes by, stream their music.

And dont forget CD,s plays then too.

Magnificent Lighting that changes color and puts on a great show to everyone.

Plus for an additional cost you can add our accessory packs onboard and have a bonus Stand with storage to make the jukebox even bigger and add External speakers that are custom shaped to match the Jukebox.

Features include:

Jukebox Station With CD Player(Read CD/CD-R/CD-RW)

Vinyl Turntable with various speed changer

MP3 Function

Radio AM/FM Function-AM Frequency Radio 522-1620 kHZ, FM Frequency Radio(87.5-108MHZ)

USB/SD Connection Function

Bluetooth Function(2.1 B45)

AUX Connection Function(3.5mm Dia. Stereo Jack) With MP3 Holder

Clock Function(Standy)

Lineout Connection Function

7-Color Changing LED Tube Lighting(Basic color: Red, Green and Blue)

LED Lighting Run/Stop Switch

Variable Speed Control For Stage

Traditional Wood Cabinet

Crafted Plastic Decoration & Colorful LED Light

3-Small Round LED Light Shining

AC Operated

Full Function Fashion Mini Remote Control

Unit Size:  (H)126 X (W)69 X (D)34 CM

Wood Enclosure Jukebox Style 2.1 Stereo System

CD Changer Available For Up To 1 CD(Standard)

Professional CD Player

Precise Sound Quality

Perfect For Game Rooms

Woofer, Mid-Range and Tweeters

Clean, Well Defined, High Fidelity Sound

Lockable Plastic Window

CD Mechanism: " 1 CD Changer With Re-Loadable Cartridge Similar To Those Found in Autos

Power Consumption: 50W + 50W

Speaker Output: 40W + 40W

Loud Speaker: 2 X Full Range Speakers

                            2 X Tweeter Speakers

                            1 X Woofer 

Certification Approval: CE(EMC+LVD)

Jukebox Including Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) and Jukebox Stand

Package Deal for the lot $1,990.00